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Too many asshats today. I let pass some asshat asking if I'm raging then calling me a lamer, then this one pops up after a few maps.

Timelimit hit.
CattyCatCat: gg
[AoT]Pvt.grimreaper: CAT SUCK A DICK
CattyCatCat: better watch your mouth, grim
[AoT]Pvt.grimreaper: watcha gone do faggot?
CattyCatCat: hold on
console: Smackdown to Death!
[AoT]Pvt.grimreaper was SLAPPED! by the Admin
CattyCatCat: how about that?
CattyCatCat: wanna a ban to go with that?
[AoT]Pvt.grimreaper: mm yeah that felt good
CattyCatCat: you wanna feel better?
CattyCatCat: go cool off for a while, eh?
[AoT]Pvt.grimreaper was kicked
console: (b3): [AoT]Pvt.grimreaper was temp banned for 5 days: Rule #8: No
profanity or
console: (b3): >offensive language (in any language)

Oh, another genius eh?

I've just mouthed an admin and been bitchslapped

Should I :-

1. Feel embarressed, apologise and watch myself
2. Leave the server before I get in more crap
3. Pull my head in until the admin leaves

Wait no!! There's another choice. I can

4. Give the admin a further dose of lip and get myself banned.

Darwin was right ...natural selection rules!

Damn right. Dunno how his genes survived the cut tho. But then again, roaches are very resilient and adaptable, right?

INVOICE #081513

Quantity 1
Item GPC-01
Description: Chlorine for the gene pool
Additional Comments: Please rush order, needed ASAP!!

LOL  ;D ;D ;D


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