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juancex(.)(.) - tb'd for haxusations and whining too much


He's been accusing PSYkikHASH.smoker for a while and I already warned him verbally to quit it. The usual "If you suspect someone of hacking, post a demo to"...blah blah... (Of course, I already watched the other guy before entering the game. He's clean, - a good player with 50 ping. juancex had the same ping as mine, around 180-200ish)

It goes on to the next map, and I force him to PSYkikHASH.smoker's team hoping it would shut him up.

juancex(.)(.) entered the game
console_tell: (b3): [pm] juancex(.)(.) forced to blue
juancex(.)(.): puajjjj <----- I don't know what that means  :-\

(DEAD) juancex(.)(.): with the cheater
PSYkikHASH.smoker: oh stfu
kRaKeN: quit it, juan
kRaKeN: post a demo or stfu
PSYkikHASH.smoker: I'm out... usually I like noobs accusing me
juancex(.)(.): you not...other
PSYkikHASH.smoker: 2nite...justn boring me
PSYkikHASH.smoker: cya Kraken
kRaKeN: heh
kRaKeN: sorry about that man
PSYkikHASH.smoker: no worries
PSYkikHASH.smoker disconnected
kRaKeN: i know it wasn't me, juancex
kRaKeN: next time post a demo, instead of accusing someone of cheating
kRaKeN: he wasn't cheating
kRaKeN: you could get banned because of hacusations
juancex(.)(.): you are admin??

juancex(.)(.): other girl was a cheater
kRaKeN: no she wasn't
kRaKeN: you're just a whiner
kRaKeN: i watched her for a bit
kRaKeN: she's clean
juancex(.)(.): you know...
kRaKeN: yup

server: Red team is probably cheating :P
juancex(.)(.): probably cheating lol
kRaKeN: it's an automated message, get over it
juancex(.)(.): girl cheater
kRaKeN: you wanna get banned?
kRaKeN: stfu

The map rotates....

juancex(.)(.): stop the aim
kRaKeN: stop crying
juancex(.)(.): nice cheat
kRaKeN: Ok. I've had enough of you. Go play somewhere else

juancex(.)(.) was kicked
console: (b3): juancex(.)(.) was temp banned for 5 days: haxusations


Known offender. Ban on sight.

Can't even call this a case of the pot calling the kettle black since, well, the kettle's missing.

 UGH  :'( Thanks for reminding me, Man  :) Will ban him as soon as I get back from lunch.

console: (b3): juancex(.)(.) was banned: aimbot/WH/whiner/painintheass
console_tell: (b3): [pm] banned: juancex(.)(.) (@11664). His last ip
( has been
console_tell: (b3): [pm] >added to banlist

your uses this aliases  PIDOL :D


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