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Obvious with or without shownormals. I think you'll agree. :)
This is from the 4.2 UrT Nights server.

Ooh first 4.2 hacker! We must be doing something right.

Well, that's bad

First, I thought there were less or almost none of this hacks in 4.2

Second, we don't have b3 there.
And adding an IP manually will be a mess for my "sync system" (yes, it sucks).

I guess that I will need to add b3 asap to this server.

A little bit offtopic: Any idea if the GUID algorithm for 4.2 is the same like the one used at 4.1? In other words, I need to destroy the database for the UrT Nights server? u_u

Well, AFAIK:

* The algorithm used to generate qkey doesn't change (right?). We could use the same qkey for both 4.1 and 4.2.

* You could make your GUID static, although it's strongly advised not to do so. So to check if the algorithm that uses (not produces) GUID is the same, clone the GUID of the Nights server (maybe clone the qkey as well) to see if there's any problem ^_^.


Thanks Near

Anyway, I was thinking about that.

I feel useless to preserve the database because most people (95% or more, lol) won't be bothering to translate his file to the 4.2 game. Or even don't have idea about how to do that.

So, starting from zero, and starting from now, is almost the same, I think =S

And well, I hope to get this sorted for the weekend (yes, I say this always... LOL).


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