Urban Terror Downloads

Urban Terror 4.1
This one is the same build that we use at the TLWS servers

Urban Terror 4.1.1
Most members have reported this version works fine for the TLWS servers.

Urban Terror Patch 4.1 to 4.1.1

You can patch your 4.1 installation to 4.1.1 adding this files

[mirror1] [mirror2]

Urban Terror 4.1.1 Mac Fix

Disclaimer: I haven't tried this one, but apparently solves an issue with the .app file

[mirror1] [mirror2]

Optimized Binary (Windows Only)

This is a personal contribution. Is the last version of the optimized binary from the site www0[dot]org which contains several enhancements, related to audio, translation, unicode support and others. I play just fine with this binary
Disclaimer: I am not responsible if something gets damaged using this file.

[mirror1] [mirror2]