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Author Topic: bulldog[CZArmy]  (Read 549 times)


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« on: December 27, 2015, 09:52:05 am »
Well I think most of us know this guy. He is playing on the server regularly for a long time, but he is also known for his offensive behaviour. I warned him so many times... He got temp bans from b3 for too many warnings and I warned him that he will get a temp ban from me in case he will not stop his insulting.
So today a little "idiot" did the trick and I gave him a 3 day vacation. But just a few minutes later he was back with a new id, so now hes permbanned, but I bet he will come back. So pls keep your eyes open.

A few impressions:
bulldog[CZArmy]: kuuurvaaa
bulldog[CZArmy]: kurva lagy server na picu
bulldog[CZArmy]: nasrat
bulldog[CZArmy]:  warning warnig a srver lagy :-D idiot
bulldog[CZArmy]: sergej kurva block
console: (b3): bulldog[CZArmy] was temp banned for 7.2 hours because too many warnings:
console: (b3): >peeing in the gene pool

bulldog[CZARMY]: idiot
console: (b3): bulldog[CZARMY] was temp banned for 3 days because Rule #8: No profanity or
console: (b3): >offensive language (in any language)
console: (b3): Everyone welcome bulldog[CZARMY], from Trutnov (Czech Republic). Player number #19778
console_tell: (b3): [pm] bulldog[CZARMY] [@19778] is a Guest [0 ] since 09:20AM CDT 12/27/15
console: (b3): bulldog[CZARMY] was banned because banevade
console_tell: (b3): [pm] banned: bulldog[CZARMY] (@19778). His last ip ( has been
console_tell: (b3): [pm] >added to banlist


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Re: bulldog[CZArmy]
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2015, 11:41:03 am »
bad lang and bossy beahaviour, that's his style.
Experienced player also :)