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Author Topic: E.T - Haccusations  (Read 647 times)


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E.T - Haccusations
« on: January 18, 2016, 09:54:05 am »
He's been playing for a long time and he knows better than to accuse without proof. This has happened several times already. Next time I get another from him, he's getting a vacation.

Note that he's not complaining that he can't hit me coz of my ping, but rather that with my high ping, I shouldn't be that "accurate" LOL. And we have the same average ping most of the time 250ish-300ish ms

I never bothered posting the dumps coz I figured he's smarten up. I guess not...

This one's from July 2015:

E.T: mmmmmmm
E.T: with that ping
E.T: ?????????
MANOK: and?
MANOK: lol, coming from a 200 pinger...
E.T: and yours is worse yet you have a hit every time ??????
MANOK: and your point is?
E.T: suspect
MANOK: lol
MANOK: go to spec, demo and submit to
MANOK: and remove all suspicions

This is from a few minutes/maps ago...

E.T: that high ping and accuracy doesnt add up
nebox: LOL
nebox: ok...
E.T: am i the only one
Savage: only 1?
nebox: you got that from merely playing against me, eh?
Savage: lol

This went longer, saying that he didn't drop any names, "but if the shoe fits..." Well, as we were the only ones with the high ping, I told him that with his stats, no one's accusing him...So....Anyway, I forgot to take another condump as it went on  ::) I said the usual "take a demo and submit to the forums, don't accuse without any proof, Don't cry hack every time someone wipes the floor with your face, blah, blah...It gets old, specially coming from a reg who knows better.


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Re: E.T - Haccusations
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2016, 11:59:59 am »

Don't You have special "regulations" for such cases? I think that if some1 is undermining Your authority (Admin's one), he should be punished with some mute. Then, if after (let's say) 5 mins of mute he is still doing it, maybe consider kicking or temp-banning him? In my opinion, You should not allow such behavior, because ppl will eventually stop to respect You at all (because You allow this and they're not being punished for that). Admin is a very trusted person, so players should trust him (and respect him) regardless of how good / bad player he is. This function is so responsible, that it's NEARLY impossible to spot an Admin that uses cheats. However I am NOT saying that there's no possibility of cheating Admin. I have had such case that Admin started using soft aimbot to keep his first place in ranking, but that's just 1% of probability. We are discussing an office of Admin, which is without a doubt trustworthy and deserves a respect due to his job he's doing on the Server. So, once again, You should immediately pacify this kind of players, before You'll have a mutiny.

But, hey, that's just my opinion :D Don't hesitate to comment and discuss this topic more ;P


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Re: E.T - Haccusations
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2016, 01:42:28 am »
Hey Man,

Oh, don't get me wrong...We do give out sanctions for these kind of actions. We just give them warnings/leeways first. If they don't shape up, they get kicked or tb'd definitely. Believe me, they do get punished :) You can check the other threads in the forum and you'll get the idea ;)

Take note that in this case he didn't know I'm an admin coz I was aliased. So he wasn't undermining my or anyone's authority...As far as he knows, he's accusing another regular player (something we don't approve). He likes to accuse but knows just when to back off and let's it go when he feels he's getting in hot waters. That's why he hasn't been given anything yet. This serves as a warning tho, regardless if he sees this or not. Next incident he's getting a tb...

I/we don't usually announce we're admins and we usually play aliased because people tend to behave when they know that an admin is around but they show their true colors when they think no one is watching them. That way when they get kicked/tb'd, if they come back they'll hopefully behave no matter who they're playing with - regardless if it there's an admin around or not. It's one of our things here - respect all players, wether they're admins or not. So most of the regs that play here more or less knows that an admin is almost always somewhere watching :) Of course, that's not always the case...There are players who don't change their ways and still tend to insult other people or rage in-game, they get pb'd :)

Thanks for the input Man, appreciate it  :)